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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey now, you're a rock star

I uploaded my pics from the old camera and found this:

Paul and I were laughing when we found it. It's hilarious! It totally looks like Shayla's singing away. Then today I saw Shayla climb up onto a bar stool, grab this hook (which is meant to hold the drapes), and tell Becca to go to the other side so they could talk. I guess we've been to the playground one too many times. But how cute is this?

Apparently Shayla thinks it works REALLY well (better than those park ones), because she could easily hear Becca. Definitely doesn't hurt that Becca happened to be in the same room only a few feet away ... (Notice the bun is back? Bummer!):


Jana Nielsen said...

Cute pictures. Becca is so good at playing along with thier make believe, isn't she. Her bun isn't so bad. She's just a teen trying out what hat fits, as far as style goes. Go easy on her. Can you send me some more pictures of her? I would love to see some. You are so great at capturing nice candid shots. I need to realy learn some photography tips.

Denise said...

In case anyone else out there is worried I'm giving Becca a hard time about her bun, no worries. I don't say a word -- I just cringe a lot on the inside ... and then make sure to compliment her when she wears her hair in a way that actually looks good! :)

Leslie said...

Jentry is a pony tail wearer. Always has her hair in a pony tail. And I do give her a hard time...but who am I to talk. She learned it from me. LOL. I love your paint job!! I cant believe the touch ups they did. Thats a crack up! And Im jealous you got done so many rooms so fast! WOW

Theresa C said...

In a few years, she will be ready for American Idol! Oh, and the new paint looks awesome. It's so much work but so worth it when it's all done. Good job :)

Jamie said...

Hey you guys!!
I love your blog!! I finally have the hang of the blogspot and have a new blog. Mine is now, (and I do keep it updated :) ) http://alovelydayintheneighborhood.blogspot.com It's long I know. :) Anyways, I hope all is well with you. :) ~Jamie~