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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Exercise balls

So, I got a new exercise ball workout and really enjoy doing it. I don't know what it is about using the ball, but somehow it makes me enjoy exercise that much more (which is just a little more than not at all).

In any case, I haven't had the ball inflated for a long time since the kids just play with it and I get annoyed. However, with my new desk I needed a chair, so I blew it up to use as a chair in the office. That's why I started exercising with it again.

Zachary gave up watching Pokemon to come exercise with me. (If you know my boys and Pokemon, you know this says a lot!) When Shayla saw that he was going to join me she had to as well. However, we have only one exercise ball. This would not deter my kids. I love it!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wild Things

Last week at school my boys had "Crazy Hair Day." We're not very crazy in our house, but my boys looked cute anyway.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tyler's first pack night

These pictures are for Grandpa! Tyler had his first pack meeting this week, and he is just giddy. He already has memorized the cub scout promise, salute, handshake, sign, etc.

His Wolf friends had warned him that he is "stamped" into the pack by having chalk stamped on their back in the shape of the pack number. Well, my clean, neat little Tyler did NOT want his new scout shirt dirty, even if chalk wipes off. So, he went to the front without his shirt and got stamped ...

Then he put his shirt on for the rest of pack night. Isn't he cute:

(Sewing on the pack number and such took forever -- too bad you can't see it in the pics! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get in front of the camera ...

I know many, many women who dislike getting their picture taken. I don't have a problem getting my picture taken -- my problem is SEEING the pictures that have been taken! :)

In any case, I read something today that made me realize how important it is for us to get in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. It said, "Have you ever seen a photograph of your own mother and thought to yourself how fat she looked? Or how she wasn't wearing make-up? Or wasn't dressed in a glamorous outfit?"

Some of my favorite pictures from growing up are those of just me and my parents. I have my baptism picture with my dad. I have a 1-year-old picture with my mom, who is pregnant w/my little sister. I have a sledding picture of me on my dad's lap. Being one of eight children, we didn't have many pics alone with our parents, so I cherish the few I have.

So, after reading how our kids don't care how we look in photos and thinking of the pictures I have alone with my parents, I realized I really need to get pictures with my kids more often. I also decided to challenge all of you to get in front of the camera with each of your kids. I know some of you who are more opposed to this than others (but I won't mention your name and embarrass you, Rowe), but think about the priceless gift you are giving to your kids.

And let's face it ... you probably look better now than you will in 20 years when they think to take their own pictures of you if they don't have any to cherish! ;)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hooray for Becca!

I can't remember whether or not I mentioned several weeks ago that Becca tried out for a Shakespeare competition team at her school. They were auditioning for an ensemble (group) performance that they would then practice and go perform at a competition next month. She didn't make the team. (Just to clarify, that's not the hooray part. :)

So, this week she tried out for the monologues for the same competition. For the ensemble they took only one sophomore. So, I didn't think she had much of a chance, especially since she's never had any major (and really any minor) parts in any school or community productions. She said last year the teacher considered her, but I didn't know if she [the teacher] was just saying that to be nice or if Becca really was close ...

In any case, they found out on Friday (which also happened to be Spirit day for homecoming week, thus the shirt she's wearing below), and Becca came home with a HUGE smile on her face. I didn't want to assume she'd made it on (instead of just getting a nice compliment from a certain boy), so I waited for the news ...


We're so happy for her! This will be a great opportunity for her, and we couldn't be happier .... that is, unless someone else volunteered to pay the fees to enter the competition. ;) Way to go, Becca!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shayla Bela

Sometimes I get sad when it appears that Shayla's hair seems to be getting a little more blonde mixed in with the red. However, with a face like this ...

... I don't think she's got a thing to worry about!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonderful wedding

So, yesterday was my niece Alyssa's wedding. There is just something about weddings! Weddings and babies are always special and exciting. Anyway, I wasn't the "official" photographer, but I asked them to let me take some of them outside so we could get some better ones than you can get inside a church.

Here are some of the results:

(This one is my favorite of all of them, I think:)

Oh, so pretty! I don't know how you can't love the beauty of Utah:

Beautiful bride:

Taking a break ... ;)

Ring bearer Kylen, who needed help from cousin Caleb:

Bridesmaids and flower girl with bride:

Alyssa and her parents:

Tough day for Kylen:

Cute little family:

Stewart family:

Karen with the beautiful cake she made. (Mom and Dad, this one is for you to check out the growth of your upcoming granddaughter):

Believe it or not, Alyssa didn't want to cut the cake. For real. (For those friends still reading, Karen made her a beautiful cake for her 16th birthday, and she wouldn't let anyone eat it. They finally had to throw it away when it started oozing and smelling ... :) In any case, they cut VERY small pieces to feed each other. That girl cracks me up!


Kylen's battle wounds:

Saying farewell to the newlyweds:

Good luck to Alyssa and Jace! We love you!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Photo edits

The main reason Alyssa wanted me to take bridal shots of her was this:

She totally wanted a b&w photo with her shoes still red. I also did this one, but it took second place:

I also did a couple with just her bouquet in color. So pretty:

Each of these edits took mere minutes. Loving PSE 7!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beautiful Alyssa

I had the opportunity to take my niece's bridal photos yesterday. I think they turned out great. Love her elegant smile! There are LOTS of pictures here especially for her grandma. :)