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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tyler's baptism day

Well, yesterday was a great day ... and not only because BYU upset #3 Oklahoma! :)

Tyler was our first child to be baptized, and it was awesome. (In our church children are not baptized until they can be considered accountable to choose right from wrong, which is when they turn 8.)

When the bishop called to ask for an interview with him last week, he got a little nervous about what he would be asked. We said the bishop would just talk to him about baptism. When the bishop asked him if he wanted to be baptized, he said, "Of course I do!"

Anyway, we got ready and got to the church in time for plenty of pics. Here are Paul and Tyler in front of the font:

How can you not love Tyler's awesome smile?

Our family before the baptism. (Oops, apparently I picked a picture that doesn't have Tyler smiling. Downsizing also does weird things to the walls in my pics. One day I'll figure out a better way ...)

I told Paul to take a pic of Tyler with a darker background, and he did it in this chair. I only post it here for Dad's benefit so he can know ugly chairs live on ...

One of the cutest things is that Zachary was SO excited all week. Every day he'd ask me how many more days until Tyler got baptized. Friday after school he asked if it was today or tomorrow. I said tomorrow. He said, "I couldn't remember, but I told my teacher it was today or tomorrow." How cute - 1st grade teachers hear everything. :) Anyway, Saturday morning he woke up as excited as Tyler. He said, "Today is the first time I get to see someone in MY family be baptized!" He was really excited about that. Here he is with Tyler, who is on his tippy-toes to make sure he's taller than Zachary without his shoes on:

Paul had to make three attempts to finally get Tyler completely under so he was baptized by immersion. Turns out Tyler's feet kept slipping up. I was getting worried, because Tyler isn't big on going under the water as it is, and each time Paul held him under longer and longer. The last time I saw Paul put him under, look at his head, look at his feet, look at his head again and THEN bring him up. I was glad Tyler wasn't traumatized by the whole thing. :) Good news is that the other girl being baptized also needed more than one attempt ...

Tyler was so happy all day it was adorable. I'm so glad he made this great choice and is such a great example to his siblings.

After the baptism we had some family over for a little get-together, so I thought I better post pics for my parents.

Here is Kylen - he's getting big and smiling a lot (just not in this pic):

Caleb's new "haircut":

Rachel's new haircut:

Anyway, the BYU game was just an end to a GREAT day that I'll always remember. :)


Theresa C said...

What an exciting day! I love attending baptisms, and feeling the sweet spirit that is there. It's cute that little brother was so excited about his brother's big day. I just hope for your sake that Zachary doesn't ask you every day how many days it is until he gets baptized. :)

the Rowleys said...

What a wonderful day! Tell Tyler I say congratulations. Too bad we live so far apart, I would have loved to be there, guess you guy will just have to move back. :)

Lean Bean said...

Tell Tyler I say congratulations. My oldest Niece Rachel turned 8 yester day but my brother hasn't said anything about a party or baptism yet so maybe he's not including me or something! Yay! I love how functional my family is! (NOT)

Heidi said...

How cute your kids are. I am so glad that we are friends. I feel awful that we missed Tyler's big day. I guess you can blame it on my head not working well the past little while, and I don't think that it will be getting better any time soon. Glad everyone had a good day.

Jennifer said...

I wish we could have been there for the big day, but let Tyler know we are very excited and happy for him. If Zachary was this excited for Tyler's baptism he is going to go crazy when it gets close to his.

Linda said...

How exciting! What a wonderful day for Tyler to be baptized! :) Hey you wrote on my blog the other day about Amanda always on the run. She is still that way. lol She likes to run around in the house and is so full of energy still.