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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tyler's first pack night

These pictures are for Grandpa! Tyler had his first pack meeting this week, and he is just giddy. He already has memorized the cub scout promise, salute, handshake, sign, etc.

His Wolf friends had warned him that he is "stamped" into the pack by having chalk stamped on their back in the shape of the pack number. Well, my clean, neat little Tyler did NOT want his new scout shirt dirty, even if chalk wipes off. So, he went to the front without his shirt and got stamped ...

Then he put his shirt on for the rest of pack night. Isn't he cute:

(Sewing on the pack number and such took forever -- too bad you can't see it in the pics! :)


Bruce & Sylvia said...

Tyler-Grandpa says way to go. Don't do so much you get tired of it. Make sure you enjoy it.We wish we could see you get your awards. Love the smile (and you)

Melissa Basua said...

Yahoo! Welcome to scouts Tyler!! I love having him my pack he is lots of FUN!And very well behaved!!