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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get in front of the camera ...

I know many, many women who dislike getting their picture taken. I don't have a problem getting my picture taken -- my problem is SEEING the pictures that have been taken! :)

In any case, I read something today that made me realize how important it is for us to get in front of the camera instead of always being behind it. It said, "Have you ever seen a photograph of your own mother and thought to yourself how fat she looked? Or how she wasn't wearing make-up? Or wasn't dressed in a glamorous outfit?"

Some of my favorite pictures from growing up are those of just me and my parents. I have my baptism picture with my dad. I have a 1-year-old picture with my mom, who is pregnant w/my little sister. I have a sledding picture of me on my dad's lap. Being one of eight children, we didn't have many pics alone with our parents, so I cherish the few I have.

So, after reading how our kids don't care how we look in photos and thinking of the pictures I have alone with my parents, I realized I really need to get pictures with my kids more often. I also decided to challenge all of you to get in front of the camera with each of your kids. I know some of you who are more opposed to this than others (but I won't mention your name and embarrass you, Rowe), but think about the priceless gift you are giving to your kids.

And let's face it ... you probably look better now than you will in 20 years when they think to take their own pictures of you if they don't have any to cherish! ;)


Theresa C said...

I hate having my picture taken, and I have ninja like skills when it comes to avoiding the camera. But... you got me thinking. I am pretty sure that I look better today than I will 20 years from now. I guess one or two photos won't hurt.... much.

Rob and Reb said...

As you know, Rob and I are quite camera-shy. We'll try to improve on that so that once we have kids we will be in some pictures with them. :)

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Are you trying to tell me I look fat and have no make up in all my pictures? Oh well, it's too late for me now. Love mom

ToniaF said...

Such a good insight. I realized the same when I saw a video of my mother-in-law running away from the camera. She looked so great (not that she doesn't now). I had only known her grandma-age and wished there were more photos of her. And I also wish I had more photos of my mom. She only appears in the dressed-up, sit-down family portraits, and I would sure like to see photos that connect with my memories of her making bread, weeding in the garden, holding a child, canning peaches, the regular stuff where you don't look great.