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Monday, January 25, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Oh, we have started this week off well! And I'm not talking about the fact that I already exercised today, which always makes me feel better throughout the day. Yes, exercising is getting harder (especially since I've never had a great habit of it), because I'm feeling more and more pregnant. Hilary checked out some pregnancy DVDs from the library for me, and I'm getting quite a kick making fun of their '80s and '90s hair and styles. That gets me through their workouts. Who knew even exercise styles have changed so much!

At the end of last week we got smart and contacted Paul's work's HR to help us with our new insurance approving my midwives and hospital. They said they'd have someone call me this morning. Then yesterday at church I found out about another woman who is due in 3 weeks, and they approved her doctor but not her hospital. Grrrr! They said a hospital is a choice, so she could switch that. Do doctors generally really practice at more than one hospital? Around here they usually go to one only. Anyway, I got a call just after 7 this morning from a rep at our new insurance company. He took my policy number, and I mentioned that my midwives deliver ONLY at Orem Community hospital since I knew there was another woman who had the doctor but not the hospital approved. He called back 20 minutes later to say he had it all taken care of -- all of my care and treatment with the pregnancy will be covered at in-network costs. Phew! (He also said he took care of the other lady so she can go to the hospital she originally planned to.) He gave me his direct line should I have any troubles or need the date to be extended past May 27 of when this coverage will expire. What a relief!

We also found out the end of last week that the underwriter for our refi decided to throw out the first appraisal. YES!!! That means we can roll the costs of the mortgage into the mortgage instead of bringing in a bunch to pay for it. Needless to say, they want us to close today, and then we will have lower mortgage payments for the next 30 years. That's helpful! (And then, Melissa, I hope to never talk to your husband about my mortgage again!!! :)

I'm half way through the scrapbooking class Paul got me for Christmas. It is self-paced, and I'm trying to savor it and learn all I can. Here are the two pages I've made thus far with the new tips and tricks I've learned:

Okay, I'm off to enjoy my good day. :)


Lizzylou said...

Congrats on the appraisal. I'm sure that is a big relief. Your scrapbooking looks great, and it reminds me that I am like 4 years behind.......thanks! Good luck with the exercising. I've been doing Turbo Jam. It is the only workout video that I have ever stuck with. Let me know if you want me to make you a copy:) I love Shaylas haircut, she is too cute! Good luck in the next 9 weeks, I hope you start to feel better.

Natalie said...

I got your message and thought this would be an easy way to get my email address to you: nataliebrock@hotmail.com. And congratulations! I didn't know you were expecting! That's great! You make me feel guilty that I'm not exercising at all...maybe when it warms up. :)

the Rowleys said...

love the scrapbook pages! And am so happy for you with your morgage and doctor working out. That must be such a releif!