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Monday, January 4, 2010

Sledding is so much fun!!!

I LOVE sledding pictures! I guess maybe that's because I also love sledding? And can you not just see the fun in these pictures?!?

This looks like Paul going down solo, but poor Shayla is in front:

She wasn't too happy after this run, because it ended like this:

Good news is that I told her if she goes by herself that won't happen, so she spent the rest of the time blissfully going down solo:

And enjoying every minute of it:

We buy a sled per year, and that means this year each child had their own sled. The boys loved being able to go at their own pace. And if one of them crashed, they couldn't blame the other:

Tyler is so serious when he's going down:

As opposed to Zachary, who is just having a blast and is so expressive in his sledding:

Apparently we need to teach Becca to keep her hands and legs in the sled. I think she was our most common "crasher":

Of course, I had a small crash myself after trying to go down slower than gravity wanted to take me when I was "racing" Shayla:

Sledding is a blast! I can't wait for us to go again soon. I love that our school has such a wide, big hill so tons of us can go sledding all at once while ignoring the signs advising us not to. :)

Oh, and I had to include this picture for Leslie:

Yup, eating snow. And doing so without getting his hands too cold ... :)


Leslie said...

Denise!!! Do you not know that snow is dirty!!! LOL My kids dont know it either. Even tho I tell them almost daily! Ty will open up the door going to do the deck and hurry and grab snow and eat it. BLAH! So gross.

Melissa Basua said...

love love love sledding! You take the best pictures!! So mush fun!!!

Linda said...

Looks like you all had a blast! I can't even remember the last time I went sledding, but it is definitely fun. :)