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Monday, April 12, 2010


Shayla tends to think her little brother is sweet. However, she thinks he looks a bit sweeter with stickers on his forehead. While I was pregnant I had stickers on my tummy probably at least 50 percent of the time. Now my stomach is sticker-free, but Austin's forehead is not. Needless to say, on any given day I will come into the room to find something like this:

Good thing he doesn't mind -- my little Austin is such a sweetie. He is a very good baby who just needs to figure out nights to be perfect. My favorite part about this little sweetie is that EVERY time he's falling asleep he smiles some huge smiles. I have captured a few to show how happy my little newborn is:

I tend to think he is remembering where he came from -- that perfect existence with our Heavenly Father. Who wouldn't smile when thinking about that? I just hope he stays as happy when he stops remembering that beautiful place.

On to other "sweet" items: Today is Becca's sweet 16! I am not really sure we're ready for her to date and total the car, but I guess we probably aren't going to stop it. Fortunately she's been 16 now for 9 hours and she hasn't been asked out yet. :) And since she doesn't yet have her learner's permit we're not going not have a car accident for a bit. So I guess we can rest easy ... ???

For my birthday Paul got me a DVD that teaches me how to use my camera. I'm very excited about it -- not only will it be easier to digest, but hopefully I'll remember it more than reading a book. For 1.5 years I've been saying, "I need to read the camera's user manual." I guess he realized maybe that'd never happen ... :) So pretty soon I'll be a pro with my camera ... as long as I can remember what I've seen. Aren't I too young to have memory problems?!?

But speaking of pictures, my friend Autumn, who has started a photo business, took some great pics of Austin I'll post this week. I think there's probably not much that I enjoy more than great pictures (especially great pictures on great scrapbook pages :). And I've probably taken at least a thousand of my little guy trying to get the perfect shot. So, for now, here's what I'll leave you with:



Three Little Brown Kids said...

He's darling!

Hilary said...

Okay, maybe I shouldn't have looked at these pictures right before bed, 'cause now I want to drive over there and hold him!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Basua said...

He is so cute and those pictures of him smiling are priceless! It is so cute how Shayla loves him. Love it!