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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's!

First of all, happy birthday to my SIL Karen, who we love but don't see nearly enough. I'm so happy that Austin doesn't share your birthday! :)

Second, today is the 10-year anniversary of the day Paul and I started dating. Seriously, has it been only 10 years? Since we started dating? Crazy! I'm guessing on that night 10 years ago Paul had no idea that 10 years later he'd be doing this:
(Especially knowing that this picture doesn't include all of his kids -- there's a baby in the bassinet behind him and a teen on the computer in the other room! HELLO!) In any case, it's been a very fun and eventful 10 years. I've so enjoyed this past week of Paul being home on paternity leave -- he had to go back today :( -- that I look forward to his retirement when we can spend more time together. Only 30 more years, honey ...

On to other fun stuff. You know my goal every year is to trick my kids with a meal on April Fool's. They're getting too big to fool easily, and this year they actually remembered it was April Fool's Day. But I thought maybe I'd get them by serving a joke breakfast instead of dinner. They were on to me pretty quickly, but they still didn't know what they were getting. (Poor Becca wakes up too early, so she didn't get her April Fool's breakfast. She'll have to get it after school.)

So, I put together breakfast -- bacon and a poached egg:

Tyler said, "This doesn't look like bacon." They both very cautiously took bites:

Tyler picked up his "yolk" and showed it to Zachary:

He took a bite and discovered it was a peach half. Zachary informed Tyler that the egg white wasn't an egg (it was yogurt). Tyler also figured out that the bacon was, in fact, cow tails candy cut open and rolled out.

They were good sports considering they had no idea what it was, just sure of what it wasn't. Shayla ate hers without a hitch -- she doesn't yet know what is supposed to look like what, so she didn't care either way. But candy for breakfast? What kid is going to complain about that. I figured I owed them after tricking them last year.

And now I've got a year to think of next year's meal. I've got only one idea left, so let me know if any of you have more!


Bruce & Sylvia said...

way to go. Another successful year of jokes.

Scotty said...

Awesome! I love your trick food ideas!