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Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's food

So, as you may remember, I love to trick my kids with food on April Fool's day. (Last year's trick here.) Fortunately Leslie reminded me of a joke I had seen in a magazine years ago, because I was running low on ideas.

So, I got to work and made, um, cupcakes:

Yes, you'll notice they're not as pretty as cupcakes when I'm actually trying to make them pretty. But let me tell you something you may not have learned -- no matter how creamy you think your mashed potatoes are, they are still too chunky for cake-decorating tips! :) Yes, the frosting is mashed potatoes. And the cupcake is meatloaf.

This year we invited Hilary's kids for the fun. I told them that because it was April Fool's Day, we were going to have dessert first. Look at the joy:

Zachary was ready to dig right in, and was the first child to do so:

He wasn't sure he was tasting right, so he tried again three different times. Here are a couple of his reactions:

Then Tyler decided to give it a try. I mean, can something so yummy really not taste great?

I'll let his face answer that question. The funny thing was that Shayla sat there the whole time just enjoying anything pink and creamy:

Remember the picture right before they started eating? Remember those smiles? Well, you have to remember them, because they're nowhere to be found by now:

The good news for the kids (well, except for Brynne :) was that I had a really yummy REAL pie for dessert. That was enough to get all of these kiddos through their meatloaf. (I mentioned Brynne, because the poor girl finally got through her meatloaf only to discover that she didn't care for the coconut cream pie.)
I have only one idea left for next year (which also happens to relate to meatloaf), so if you have others, bring 'em on!


Theresa C said...

Hahaha... those pictures are classic! I need to make up for my lack of pranks this year with something amazing next year. My poor kids :)

Lean Bean said...

I'm totally doing a food joke on Joao next year! I didn't do anything funny this year! It was a let down!