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Thursday, April 23, 2009


When we bought this book I had no idea how much Shayla would love it. She is convinced the little girl in it is her. It's adorable. In fact, it's pinkalicious ...


Jamie said...

I cant believe Zachary is that old!! He's getting so big!! I remember when he was just a baby!! His ears seriously look just like my dads. Its really cute!! I love the pinkilious!! I used to love pink when I was 5 and 6, and had to have everything pink. :)
I'm counting down the days till my doctor appointment. What i've told my doctors is my rib cage feels like your rubbing your elbows togehter without any skin. Gross I know, but it really feels like bones rubbing together. My gut says this surgeon will be able to help me. I have been praying so much, and I know God will answer my prayer in one way or another. Maybe not the way i'd think he would, but some way.
I wish you could have seen this hollocaust survivor. Its just amazing listening to a survivors story in person. She was truly amazing. I really hope we wont have another hollocaust. It would be horrible. Anyways!! Guess what? On the bright side of things its like in the 70's and 80's. LoL I dont have any shorts with me though, so lol i'm staying in the house quite a bit. Laura is in D.C. with a bunch of kids from the church till Sunday night. Caroline, (the dog), is very depressed by this. It's funny though, the cats are laying by the window in the sun. I still dont understand why furry animals like this. You'd think they would be dieing of heat. Blah!! Well I love you guys!! Laura and I plan to go back to Utah adventually. I can't wait. Love ya!!

Hilary said...

That's cute! I definitely see the resemblance. :)

Lean Bean said...

I want this book!