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Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm not a clutz ...

About a month ago I had an accident. You see, I was hurrying to get my kids ready for school and Tyler's lunch ready for him. I don't remember what I needed up on a top shelf, but because I'm short I keep a stool in my pantry. This stool is not any stool -- it's one from Ikea that's REALLY tall. It has two steps, and it fits nicely in my pantry to reach the top shelves.

Well, I got what I needed, and I stepped down and started turning around to continue my agenda. However, right as I stepped and started turning, I remembered that I wasn't on the first step like I thought I was. (I generally only need the first step, unless I'm reaching REALLY high in the pantry.)

Needless to say, I fell down, hitting the back of my arm on the corner of the cupboard as I fell, and I ended up on my back and hitting my head on another cupboard. I don't remember feeling pain like that before. I knew I had hit my arm REALLY hard. (Notice that's the third time I've "shouted" really at you?) Tyler asked immediately if I was okay, and I had to tell him I just needed some time to not talk. I hurt so bad! I almost couldn't breathe I hurt so bad. I ended up having to go up and lay down on my bed for a while, which meant my hurried efforts were in vain as the boys (and those we carpool) were late for school anyway.

After getting over the initial shock of it all, I realized that I better have a REALLY big bruise to verify my pain to those I told about my fall. Not to disappoint, my body got into action. I had a bruise immediately -- at least it was there when I first checked, which was about 15 minutes after my fall.

The next day my mom took a picture of my developing bruise. (Mind you, she had to one-up me and go get surgery on her eyes so she could leave the looks of my bruise in the dust!)

Yes, it did get darker and more colorful as time went on. I had the bruise for more than two weeks. This whole thing happened more than four weeks ago, and I still have a painful lump where I hit my arm. I don't know how people handle the pain of breaking a bone, because I didn't even do that and I still have pain a month later! My lump is getting smaller, and I imagine it will be gone in another week or two.

Note to self: When you get on the stool, remember which step you're on!

On the bright side, look at how pretty my eyes are when I wear blue. :)


Dashley said...

Battle wounds are the best!! Seriously, you have to have proof of the pain you are in. Just caught up on your blog- you are so good at keeping it updated! I always love your clever food ideas and I loved the pictures! Tell Becca, "Way to go!? Girl's got talent. And thanks for the post on my blog. Its nice to hear other's thoughts on parenting. :)

Lean Bean said...


the Rowleys said...

ouch! sorry, that doesn't sound fun. But hey your eyes did look great in the picture

Lizzylou said...

OUCH!!! I'm glad you can see the positive side in all of that. The blue in the bruise helps bring out your pretty eyes too. You should walk around all day with the bruise close to your face to accentuate your eyes:) BE CAREFUL YOU!

Theresa C said...

That looks so painful!