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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter fun!

We had fun this Easter weekend, as we usually do! It is such a beautiful time when the Earth is renewing itself, which reminds us of the Savior renewing hope and possibility through His glorious resurrection. I love holidays to remind me to teach my children more about the gospel and wish I didn't need holidays to remember more often!

This year we found a new way to color Easter eggs, and we're in love! We bought a kit to tie dye the eggs, and not only did the kids seem to enjoy it more than "traditional" dying, but it gave us much prettier, more colorful eggs.

The kit came with bags (sandwich bags) and paint (food coloring). You sucked up the paint in these tiny straws and dropped a few drops of paint into the bag. Then you spread around the paint, and add another color or two if and where you'd like. Then, viola, you have awesome-looking eggs. Much more fun than dropping an egg in a cup of colored water and waiting ...

Here are the kids enjoying the fun:

We also got to do an Easter egg hunt with cousins Saturday afternoon. My kids are SOOOO lucky -- not only do they have cousins around their ages to have fun with, but their grandma has a park right behind her house! What more could a kid ask for? In any case, here they are making a few finds:

The pics of Shayla were actually in our backyard when we did a repeat of the Easter egg hunt on Sunday. The kids really wanted to do it again, so we did. However, instead of putting more candy back in the eggs, I put papers in each one with a number. Then we came in and took turns opening the eggs. As each child opened their egg and said what number they had, I told them what that number meant they had to do -- eat a piece of candy, sing a primary song, give someone a kiss, say something that makes you special, etc.

As a part of this Zachary was supposed to make a "taco tongue." I had no idea my kids couldn't do it! I tried to think of how to explain exactly how to do it, but we definitely got a kick out of Zachary and Shayla trying:

I hope you all had great Easters as well!

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Lean Bean said...

Those tie died eggs look cool! I wanna do mine that way next year!