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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Zachary!

I'm a couple of days late, but I'm still amazed it's been six years since Zachary surprised us with his arrival into the world. (Yes, coming nearly 2 weeks late wasn't the surprise -- it was the being a boy part. Still glad Hilary ran to the store and got us a BLUE outfit so he didn't have to wear the pink one home. :)

Zachary started the day opening presents and was thrilled to get Pokemon cards. I have no idea how he even knows what they are, but he wanted some. Now he can play Pokemon games ... if he can find where Shayla put them. He also got some moon sand. I'm wondering if I'll regret that one ...

After school we had a little party for him. It was mostly a play group where I served cake, but that's what you get when mom is distracted and thinking of other things (let's face it -- the force wasn't with me). He wanted it to be a Star Wars party, so I went and bought cake toppers from a local grocery store:

Not bad, eh? The light sabers actually lit up:

Betcha can't guess who helped me with frosting the cake:

After dinner we also got to attend the school carnival. The free face painting was done by the "older" students. Shayla wasn't so sure about having an 11-year-old boy paint her face:

The boys had their artists paint light sabers on their faces:

Tyler's teacher went in the dunking booth, so the boys both got a kick out of dunking her. Zachary's third ball hit the target, but it didn't dunk her, so they let him push the button. Tyler concentrated on his aim his third throw and hit the target dead center. Let me tell you how exciting it is for a 2nd-grade boy to dunk his teacher!

In the first pic you can see the ball hitting the target, and then in the next two you can see her falling in:

Anyway, it was a fun day, and I can't believe my baby boy is 6! Zachary is a very sweet boy. Last night I found a note under my pillow that just said, "I love you." What a little sweetheart. He's so good with Shayla (when he's not trying to aggravate her), and I'm so glad he turned out to be a boy -- I can't imagine our lives without him! Happy birthday, Zachary!


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Zachary! I didnt know he was "supposed" to be a girl. I bet thats a story.

Theresa C said...

The cake looks awesome! My little boy is a huge Star Wars fan and he was in awe of your cake. It's been fun to read about and see pictures of your family!

Lizzylou said...

What a fun day for him! I'll tell you right now-you WILL regret the moon sand! Thanks for the idea about the "bucks" I call them Davy Dollars and Danny Dollars. They loved it the first day. Today Davy wanted to play Wii and had already spent all of his
Davy Dollars. He decided it wasn't so cool after all. I'll have to keep working on it.