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Saturday, August 28, 2010


My kids are thrilled with their new clubhouse! My dad built the clubhouse in one day and the climbing wall another day to finish it up. Tyler enjoyed helping him put it together:

What a good use of the lumber that's been sitting in our garage doing nothing for years. Look at those smiles:

Now all we have to do is paint it so it will last for years to come! (Unless you talk to the kids, in which case we also need to carpet it and fill it with toys. At Nick's they asked for a TV for theirs. Kids! :)

Thank you, Grandpa! This is the coolest clubhouse ever!!!


Melissa said...

AMAZING!!!! Your Dad rocks! That is the coolest! I love the climbing wall! I am seriously jealous now!!!!!

Lizzylou said...

That is too cool! Those are some lucky kids you've got, and an amazingly talented Dad.

Rebecca said...

Holy cow, that climbing wall is so cool! Where do you even get those rock-looking things?