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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wood boxes

I have so much to write and SO MANY pics to share! But for now I just had to post this. While my dad was on his mission he apparently didn't have enough to do. Between 40 hours a week doing landscaping at the temple, cemetery and churches; running the cub scout program; teaching primary; volunteering at the temple; going home teaching; and hosting/attending dinners with the seniors (among others), he came up with a huge project that we are giddy about.

They had to cut a lot of branches and such from trees around the temple and other sacred grounds. He didn't want to see this sacred wood go to waste, so he got busy. He created a wood/jewelry box for EACH one of his grandchildren. That's 20-something boxes. (I've lost count and am too lazy to do it now. :) They were all totally original and different-looking. In any case, there were a few extras, and I got one of them. HOORAY!!!

When he told me he was making them for his older granddaughters I was a little sad thinking Shayla wouldn't get one. Well, not only did the girls all get them, but the boys did, too. That's six original designs just for my family. I love, love, love mine! Thanks, Dad!!!


Rebecca said...

If I counted correctly (while I was pregnant, so who knows! :) Gavin is grandchild #25, so that's easy to keep track of.

I also got a box and totally LOVE it!

Melissa Basua said...

Um, I think I just might be jealous!!! That is so amazing! What a wonderful treasure for you and your kids!! 25 grand kids that is pretty awesome too!