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Monday, November 22, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

Another week has come and gone. Does anyone else feel like time is seriously just flying by?!? I teach once a month in Relief Society, and every month I feel like it hasn't really been four Sundays (sometimes five) since I last taught.

Speaking of church, there was a funny thing that happened in sacrament meeting. The speaker was a high counselor in our ward. He wanted to point out that the talks can be for each of us, and that we shouldn't think to ourselves, "Boy, Brother Brown really needs to hear this talk!" I was laughing, but at least there are two Brother Browns in our ward, so not everyone would automatically think of my hubby. Then the speaker saw the other Brother Brown and said, "Oh, I'm not talking about you, Jess. I'm talking about another Brother Brown." I was laughing so hard. I was in the mother's lounge at the time, and the other mom in there said, "Well, I guess he means your husband." When I started the Relief Society lesson I asked how many had thought of my husband during sacrament meeting, and half of them raised their hands. So funny. But maybe it got my husband to listen to the talk on gratitude ... ;)

My fitness challenge is over today! I did pretty well -- I lost 10 pounds. I gave up a bit at the end, but I'll take the 10 pounds. I have another challenge starting Jan. 3, so spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. We had one participant lose more than 30 pounds! And there were 10 of us who lost 10+ pounds. So awesome. I'll be starting another challenge on Jan. 3 (rules at http://minus200club.blogspot.com/2010/10/points-tally-new-rules-for-2011-hot.html), so spread the word to anyone you know who has weight to lose.

And now on with pictures ...

This is what you get when you have a big sister to play with all day:

And this pic makes me think I'm going to have to resurrect my Cookie-Monster birthday cake idea for someone's first birthday:

And here's a picture of Becca at Sadies:

See how happy she is when she's not driving? ;) She might just be a passenger forever at the rate we're going. She didn't pass the test for her learner's permit, and I think she's too scared to take it again. On the one hand I want to force her to do it so she realizes she can do hard things. No, this isn't really hard, but she's a HORRIBLE test-taker and is letting that scare her into not taking a test she can pass if she'll just study instead of thinking she knows it all and taking it without reading the material. On the other hand, do I want to push her to do something that is going to cost us more money for insurance -- especially when (notice I did not say if) she totals the car? Not really ... so for now I'm letting it slide. I think, though, next year she's not going to get rides from us much in hopes she will then be motivated to start driving herself. Teenagers!

And this past week I had the joy of taking pics of my new adorable nephew!!! I was only going to post three, but there are five instead. I had to narrow it down from my 75 favorites ... :) Can you believe that hair???

We're sure looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time with family. I hope you all have a great turkey day yourselves!

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

karen, rachel and I are looking at James and thinking he is so cute. You are a great photographer.