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Monday, November 8, 2010

Miss Forgetful Pants

So, I oftentimes feel like my brain just doesn't work right lately. It seems that there is at least one thing per week that I forget. Last month I had a meeting at the school that I remembered about all week -- until the day of the meeting. Then I remembered right as it was ending. Ugh!

I feel like I do that often enough that it is pretty frustrating. Usually if it's on my calendar I'm good, but then there are things (like the meeting I mentioned above) that were on the calendar and somehow I still spaced them.

If you haven't learned by now, I have a theory about why moms get so forgetful. You see, I have to do the thinking for all of my kids and usually my husband. Otherwise they don't remember things like appointments, lessons, homework, etc. So, in reality, I have only 1/7 of my brain for myself. No wonder if feels like so little!

So, I started thinking about it and realized that I really have A LOT to remember every week. Most weeks I remember all of this:

- Feed the kids a healthy breakfast before school
- Make the kids lunch on days they don't want school lunch
- Make dinner EVERY night :)
- Feed Austin every four hours
- Feed Austin solids once or twice a day
- Remind Paul to take lunch everyday
- Get Becca to Young Women's
- Get Shayla to pre-school twice a week (and teach every fifth week)
- Get Shayla to dance once a week
- Scouts (for Tyler and us)
- Do the laundry so everyone has clean clothes
- Go grocery shopping when necessary ... and know what I need to buy
- Piano lessons for Tyler
- Return library books before there is a fine
- Wednesdays are early-out days, so I need to be home so the kids can get in the house
- Checking on and doing homework with the kids every night
- Getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour
- Watch the Biggest Loser on Tuesdays (okay, not necessary, but the one show I do watch -- and I've already forgotten three times this season! :)
- Make sure the kiddos do chores so the house doesn't look like a complete disaster
- Park play day

These are just some of the "normal" things. Then when you start throwing in helping in the kids' classes, doctor/dentist appointments, visiting teaching, etc., it's no wonder I forget a few things here and there ... especially since the above list isn't written on the calendar. That would be just depressing! Today I have nothing written on the calendar, and I'm loving that. Let's just hope I didn't forget to write something down that I'll regret forgetting later! :)


Leslie said...

I did this this week. I was supposed to make a salad for that funeral. I thought about it all night. Seriously kept waking up thinking ok I need to get this and this at the store. By the time morning came I totally forgot!!! Didnt remember until I was passing the church and saw all the cars there..... DOH!!! I was so mad!

Carol said...

You are one busy lady! (I remember those days, and now I sort of miss them.)

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Things like this make me feel good. Maybe I'm not getting senile.