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Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

Nothing new and exciting happening here, but that's to be expected. :) Paul did get a new computer (which I guess is new and exciting) for school, and that brought on the problem of our old printer not having drivers compatible with the new computer. Figures. I was really annoyed with having to buy a new printer until we looked into it and found that our new printer has ink for $10 less than our current printer! And it was "only" $50. Our other option was to buy a long cable to hook the old computer up to the printer and not have the new printer be able to print (PAIN!), but the new cord would cost $30. So I caved and we bought a new printer. I'm excited about cheaper ink, though. That THRILLS me!

Anyway, our cute little Aussie is definitely growing up. You can get him to throw his arms over his head if you yell, "Hooray!" It's adorable:

And then everyone gets so excited that he's just happy:

I've decided my little Shayla doesn't have nearly enough things for her hair. Her hair looks very cute just plain w/o anything done to it, so we usually don't. However, if I want to clip in a barrette or flower or something she likes that. But I've been cheap and haven't wanted to pay for them (being several dollars per flower barrette). So I have been buying flowers from the dollar store and bought a bunch of gems from the craft store. I went to Sally's and bought 100 clips, so now we're on a barrette-making frenzy. My favs are the "decorations" we turned into barrettes:

That butterfly is made out of feathers. I have no idea how it was intended to be used (maybe in a flower arrangement?), but we took the wire thing off the back and glued on a clip. Viola -- beautiful barrette!

I finally went and bought new pants for my Zachary. Poor thing was looking like a bum wearing holy pants to school every day. He had only one pair that looked nice, so I went shopping. Of course, I figured he was just going to be in size 8 since he's about to turn 8 and most of his pants are size 7 or 8. But when I brought them home we found that they fit perfectly. A little too perfectly -- if he grows even an inch they won't fit anymore. So we had to go up to size 10. Let me tell you how fun laundry will be trying to figure out if pants are Tyler's or Zachary's. In the past I've always just looked at the size and that solved it. No more. I might have to start buying Zachary 10H just so I can tell them apart! :)

Anyway, Shayla went to play with a friend last week and came home looking like this:

Other than that I'll just say that I'm still the best dancer in the house. We're really enjoying the Let's Dance 2 we got with our Wii. Even before we danced I told Becca that I was a better dancer than she was and to watch out. I don't think she believed me and was shocked to see me score higher than her dance after dance after dance. But now she KNOWS it -- we have proof. ;) When I told my family that she got grumpy and said there is to be no more trash talk coming her way. So I'll give it to all y'all instead: I bet I'm a better dancer than you are ... come on over and prove me wrong! ;)


Melissa said...

Austin is so cute, he always makes me smile!! Love the hair barrette! I will have to notice Shayla's more! Great picture of Becca!!

Adam says you are just going to have to trust my blog site:)!!! I don't know what all that stuff means. Can you adjust your filter??

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, that picture of Shayla is too hilarious! She looks happy, so I guess that's a plus.

I love that you're the best dancer in your house--isn't it nice to have proof?

Also, I am impressed by your barrettes. Way to be crafty! :)