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Monday, February 7, 2011

1,000 words is worth a picture ;)

I've been having fun making shirts for the kids and as gifts for others. My sister showed me the technique and I've loved it ever since! The possibilities are endless, and I LOVE it!

First, I decided I better make some gifts for friends. So, I made a few for my friend's baby. (She was quite happy to be my Guinea pig while I figure this out. :) I love how they all turned out:

Sorry to my scrapbooking friends, but this last one is true. My friend is the bestest scrapbooker I know!!!

In any case, this got me busy doing shirts for my own kids. I decided to make one for Tyler about being in the Ravenclaw house. I found what I considered a great Harry Potter font, and Tyler was thrilled:

And the best news? He got a house point for wearing it! How cool is that?!? He was so happy.

I also wanted to highlight how much he has read this year. His teacher has a 75-hour club and a 100-hour club. Once they have read at home for 75 hours, the teacher will buy them any book out of the Scholastic book order (I think up to $10 or something). However, if they read 100 hours at home, he will buy them any book they want in the world, any price. (He said last year he paid more than $100 for four Star Wars books for kids. I'm sure Tyler will probably get one of those!) Anyway, Tyler was the first in his class to read 100 hours, and I don't think his teacher is making quite as big of a deal about the 100-hour club as I'd like. So we took matters into our own hands:

The other thing Tyler likes to point out is that he is the youngest in his class and the first one to 100 hours. Way to go, boy!

Then I decided to make one for Shayla that says Shayla Bela. We call her that all the time, ever since my niece was given the middle name Bela (which means beautiful in Portuguese). It rhymes, so it stuck. Needless to say, here she is in her Shayla Bela shirt:

And what to do for Zachary? My mom said I can't very well make him a shirt that says, "My mom thinks I'm disgusting." So, instead I made this:

He loves it. :) He's what Paul calls a "true" middle child -- one older sister, one younger sister, one older brother, one younger brother. That's how Paul is, too, and he'll tell you that is surely a TRUE middle child (unlike me, who is fourth of eight kids :).


Heidi said...

very cute shirts, and way to go Tyler and on making the 100 hour club! That is AWESOME. Duncan would love to be there too, but his mom is a little mean and won't let him stay up until who knows when to read.

Brown Family said...

Yes, Heidi, Tyler isn't liking our new rule that he can't read past 11 p.m. He writes down the times he starts and finishes reading so I can write down the hours. Before the rule sometimes he would preface his numbers with, "Mom, you're not going to like this one." He was staying up past midnight once in a while to finish a book! But I'm soooo happy that he's finally loving reading that I wasn't too upset about his late hours. (Of course, this only because he's my child who can get less sleep and not show it the next day. :)

Melissa said...

Love the shirts! Good thing you didn't take a picture of the one you helped me make! That would have caused a little confusion:)!!!!! Good Job Tyler! He is a pretty awesome guy!

Lizzylou said...

I'd love to learn how to make the cute shirts! You are so creative!

Stacey@Real Southern Living said...

What is your technique on the shirts? I've been wanting to try something like this but curious on how you did it? Facebook or email me if you have link or directions! Thanks!

Rebecca said...

Love them--they all turned out so great! That "Lily" onesie is seriously my favorite. I can't believe how well that butterfly turned out.

Also, the "Middle Child" shirt is hilarious!