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Monday, February 7, 2011

Becca's shirt fun

Becca didn't want me to make her a shirt. I offered repeatedly to make her one that says, "Boy Crazy," but for some reason she declined ... ;)

Anyway, she had her own shirt fun. The next formal dance (Sweethearts) is girls-choice, so she decided to ask her latest crush. (I think this makes for more than 200 crushes in her short life, but fortunately I don't think she's counting anymore.) I digress.

So to ask this kid, we bought a shirt at the dollar store. Then we used permanent colored sharpies to write, "Will you go to Sweethearts with me?" and her name (in a different color). Of course, I had to write most of this so he wouldn't recognize her handwriting. Then we (Becca, me, Tyler and Zachary) used all different colors of washable markers to write names of other girls he's friends with:

She's pointing to her name. :) We attached a note that said he had to wash it to find out who was asking.

Several days later the shirt was returned like this:

Becca is pointing to the one she thinks will remain. (And if you want a little kick, go back up to the old picture and compare it to the smile in this one. I wonder if she's more happy asking or being answered? ;)

Only problem is that the boy didn't do it nearly as well as we did, so when she washed it there were four answers left: yes, no, maybe and aaaahhhh! She knew he was going to say yes, but it threw her off a little to have more than one answer remain.

The next day when he asked if she found his answer she said, "I think so," and told him a few hadn't washed out. Turns out he was trying to be tricky and had written on the tag a yes in a heart and had planned for all of the other things to wash out. Oops. And, by the way, don't let those "washable" markers into my house! :)

The big date is this weekend, which means we have much preparing to do. She has her dress (which a neighbor put sleeves on for us, thank goodness), her jewelry and her plans. Now I just have to clean the house and make sure we have all the ingredients for chicken alfredo (Becca's favorite) since they're coming here for dinner. Wish me luck! :)


Melissa said...

Cute cute idea! How did yo come up with it??? Have fun this weekend Becca!!

Leslie said...

Hey if you need help getting ready CALL ME! Seriously... I tell ya..I love cleaning a kitchen. And you can do the other rooms.

Theresa C said...

You guys are so creative! Good luck getting ready for the big date :)

Rebecca said...

You are a brave woman inviting teenagers into your house. :) That is so funny how the answers didn't wash out like they were supposed to. Good thing she wasn't unsure what he'd say; that could be pretty devastating for a girl to go through!