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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Saturday night was the big date! Becca had her sweethearts dance and had a ball! We feel so blessed to have so many friends and family who were willing to share their talents. One neighbor sewed sleeves on the previously sleeveless dress in exchange for free babysitting from Becca. My niece Alyssa came over and did her hair beautifully once again. And my friend Leslie even offered to help me clean the kitchen! (You were saved this once, Leslie. ;)

Anyway, Becca was soooo excited! Not only does she love a fun date, but this one was with a crush (if I'm allowed to say that?) and I made her favorite (chicken alfredo) for dinner.

Here she is sitting patiently while Alyssa curls her hair strand by strand:

And here she is ready to go. Doesn't she look beautiful?

Here's her group, who came to our house for games and dinner before the dance:

(I love that all the girls were completely modest.)

We had sent the other kids to Grandma's and Grandpa's house to keep them out of the way, but we kept Austin home with us since he'd been a little cranky with teething (hopefully teething, anyway :). He LOVED watching the action and when we were finishing up the dishes he kept peeking around the corner at the group in the family room:

Here he is from the other side:

Becca didn't mind showing off her adorable little baby brother at all. In fact, I think she took pride in having such a cute baby to share.

Here she is with her date, a neighbor named Kyle:


She had a blast and can't wait to go out with him again ... of course, after she dates the obligatory two boys in between. :)


Leslie said...

Awww she looked so stinking pretty!!! I love it!!

And I am more then willing to clean the kitchen anytime. Its always funner cleaning someone else's house!

Carol said...

Becca you look BEAUTIFUL and I'm glad you had a good time.