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Sunday, February 13, 2011

KND and a little Quidditch

So, you may remember that my dad built my kids a clubhouse. Well, obviously they can't have a clubhouse without a club.

One day returning home from my mom's house I saw the boys had a bunch of soda can tabs. I asked what they were doing with them. Turns out they are the "money" for their new club, the Kids Next Door club. I got to hear various details and figured it was a one-time thing. Not so.

A few weeks ago I heard Tyler saying he needed to take his KND book (which sounds a lot like candy when they just use the initials) to school so people could sign up. Apparently only the general or second general can add new members. (Kimmie was the general, Tyler is the second general.) But some friends were earning the right to be in the club, because they earned their snow running badge that day. (??????)

I mentioned to my sister about Kimmie being the general, and apparently Kimmie wasn't aware of this. So, we asked Kimmie if Tyler could be the general (since she obviously didn't care and he's LOVING this new club), and she said sure. It's hilarious to see how many kids want to join this club that Tyler has talked up. I think we're in the teens of how many members there are now.

So Tyler and Zachary planned a meeting for all the KND members. I figured I'd be a cool mom and make them badges, so I asked Tyler what badge he'd like them to earn at the meeting. He said Defense Against the Dark Weapons. (Can you tell he's been reading the Harry Potter series? :)

We had the meeting, and they earned their badge and played ninja attack. Some of the friends couldn't make it, so they have had several meetings since to make sure all the members get their badge. Here are the first earners of the badge:

And here are the co-founders after earning their badges (including the extremely happy non-general Kimmie :) :

And the First General himself:

Speaking of this general, he is also playing Quidditch in his school. For 13 weeks they have a whole Harry Potter theme, which I mentioned before when he was sorted into the Ravenclaw house. Well, as a part of this whole thing, they play Quidditch every Friday.

How does one play Quidditch? It's a little complicated to explain, but easy to play. They tape three hula hoops up onto the wall, which is where people can get points by throwing the blue balls. (Each team stays on their side of the center line, but they have to throw them to the hula hoops on the opposite side.) Only the two Beaters can throw the black balls, and if you're hit by a black ball, you're out. And if you don't go out after getting hit, the other team gets a penalty shot where they get to throw the balls at the hoops with only the Keeper (goalie) to defend it. There is one Keeper per team to defend all three hoops. And the Beaters can't get out since they are the Beaters. Each team has one Seeker, who can go on either side of the court. They are to catch the snitch, which is a tiny bouncy ball that is not thrown out until some unknown time during the game. Each team gets 5 points for each blue ball that hits in the hula hoops, and they get 50 points if their Seeker catches the snitch.

That said, I went to watch and it was so much fun! Tyler got to be the Seeker for his first game, and he got the snitch so fast I'm not sure the other Seeker even saw it. I'm glad about that, because some of the games the Seekers are wrestling each other trying to get to the snitch. Tyler was SO excited! He practices catching the bouncy ball at home so he can catch the snitch better. (Unfortunately the men teachers run the game, and they are more into winning rather than making sure all the kids who want chances get them. But at least Tyler got his chance once and proved he's a great Seeker. :)

Anyway, here is a picture of him on the sidelines with the action happening behind him (of two different houses playing):

Rah! Rah! Ravenclaw ....... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (his team's cheer)

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