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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Cuteness

Okay, so from the title you think I'm going to post more pictures of Austin, right? Not this time. :) This is a plug for my niece's new business, Alyssa's Baby Creations. She seriously makes the cutest things! I mean, have you ever seen diaper creations like these:

And although the diaper creations are my favorites, she also does blankets, burp cloths, car seat tents, etc. Here are a few of my favs ...

This one is crocheted around the edges with yarn and is soooo soft!

These are her matching blankets and burp cloths, which also are crocheted around the edges:

Here is the car seat tent she made out of Cat in the Hat material for a kindergarten teacher:

And look how she's wrapping the blankets and burp cloths for delivery! Adorable:

Check her out and keep her in mind if you have a baby shower coming up or new loved one joining you soon. Check out all her cute stuff at alyssasbabycreations.blogspot.com. (And if you forget it, I'll have the link on my sidebar from now on. :)

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