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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hero Grandma

Zachary participated in his school's after-school writing club, and their topic was heroes. The instructor asked them to write two stories, one on themselves and one on a hero. Last night we went to the reading, and Zachary read his piece, "Grandma Palmer." He was hilarious writing it, because he kept asking me more and more information about Grandma, but then when I'd give it to him he'd say, "I don't want to write that." For example, when I said he could write that she has 26 grandkids, he said he didn't want it to be wrong when people read it later. I said he could write she has "more than" 25 grandkids and it would still be accurate. Nope. So then I'd ask him what he wanted to know, and he couldn't come up with anything. Gotta love "homework." :)

Needless to say, for the occasion we took a picture of Zachary and his hero (who freed her superhero schedule to come to the reading :).
Zachary and Grandma

And, in case you wanted to read them, here are his stories. I love it when children write!

"Grandma Palmer"
by Zachary Brown

My Grandma is my hero. She is my hero because she is really nice and when I ask for food, she lets me have the food I ask for. She has a brother and a sister. Her dad died when she was just 11. He died because of an enlarged heart. She was married when she was 18. She has 8 children. Her mission was at Omaha. Her favorite food is Mexican food. She likes doughy cookies and crunchy French fries.

Her favorite movie is Snow White. Her favorite thing to do is scrapbook. Her favorite book is Follow the River. She is more than 63 years old. Her birthday is April 15th. Her fourth baby (my mom) was due on her birthday, but came four days early. When I go over I always play with my cousins who live next door. What did she do when her dad died you might ask well they were poor and her mom had to go to work.

by Zach Paul Brown

My name is Zach Paul Brown. I was born in Washington. I wrote this book when I was 7. I have blue eyes. I have blond hair. My favorite food is a banana. And my favorite movie is Star Wars. My favorite book is Magic Tree House. My best friends are Carter Baldwin and Thomas Baldwin. My favorite thing to do is play the Wii.

My favorite color is blue. My favorite sport is soccer. I used to play on the Charge Team. The Meeks brothers were on my team. My mom was the coach.

I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers. My older brother's name is Tyler. He goes to Spanish Oaks in fourth grade. My younger brother Austin is a 10-month-old baby. He has brownish-blond hair. My sisters are named Becca who is in eleventh grade and Shayla is in preschool. There are 7 people in my family. My mom's name is Denise and my dad's name is Paul. I'm lucky to have his name as my middle name. My cousins and I started a kids next door club called the Kids Next Door Club.

I like doing Family Home Evening. We have a chart where everyone moves -- Activity, Conducting, Lesson, and Treat, Music and Memorization of the Articles of Faith.


Leslie said...

My favorite part... My cousins and I started a kids next door club called the Kids Next Door Club.

Denise said...

Exactly why I love kids' writing. He also took my "more than" advice. Did you notice that?

Kari Nitzel said...

Great job! I remember when he was a babe and he would look at me and laugh. Great kid, great memories.

the Rowleys said...

love it! :)

Rebecca said...

Maybe if I'm really nice and when kids ask me for food, then I give it to them, then maybe some day I can be someone's hero, too. :)

Denise said...

Yes, Rebecca, I hope the same thing. I wondered what the teachers thought of that! :) They might think we're starving the poor boy ... until they see how big he is!

Carol said...

What an adorable writing of Zach's "Hero". I recall a similar incident in my life:When we were in 3rd grade we were to all write something about the best citizen of Manaanola, Colorado. I don't even remember what I wrote, but one of my friends wrote of my father and how he was a volunteer firefighter, how he had helped create a beautiful floor in the Lyons Club for teenagers to dance on, and many other things. Hero's are important.

Bruce said...

I love that boy. He keeps me smiling.