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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Summer Stuff: A Wolf and A Bear

I missed blogging about a lot of things this summer, and I'll never catch up. But I have to mention that my boys got their Wolf and Bear badges on the same night. That was cool for them to receive them the same night. Maybe the can do the same for their Webelos and Bear, but I think Tyler will get his Webelos before Zach can turn 9. Zachary is LOVING scouts, and I had to make a rule that he can no longer wake me up in the morning to see what we can work on for scouts. Cute boy wanted to do it first thing in the morning and would wake me up! Sigh ... :)

Way to go, boys!!!


Carol said...

What a reminder of when Paul was a Wolf then a Bear. I got to be the leader for just a bit back then and loved it, too.

Kristene Armstrong said...

Yay For Scouts! :)

Scotty said...

I wish I could be a cub scout again!