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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soccer September

I feel like I'm still recovering from soccer, which ate up our September. Generally it's a bit hectic but doable, but this year it almost did me in. I didn't probably take into account well enough that Paul is in school, and then Becca got a job but still doesn't have her license, so it was taking me an hour per day to get her to and from work. Add one more little tidbit that they moved the soccer games around, so now Tyler and Shayla played at different parks on the same night. Yes, hectic and completely tiring!

Of course, they love it and that makes it all worth it (although I'll definitely re-think it next fall :). Here are some pics of the kiddos in action -- I love action shots!

Tyler's field was so huge this year, so I was glad to get a few pics!
Still sticks out the tongue when he's serious. :P
Socializing was as fun as soccer for this girl. Love the dress under the soccer shirt?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

Great pics! Soccer craziness in Spanish Fork, can't say I miss it! I didn't know Becca got a job! Where? We are almost done with football! A few more weeks of play offs and we will be done!