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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Christmas ... finally :)

Wow. I can't believe it's already been a month since Christmas. How is time flying by so quickly? Here's my last Christmas post ...

We started our Christmas with a Christmas Eve tradition -- opening one present, which is always jammies. The kids have always wanted some with button-up shirts, so that's what they got this year. I couldn't believe how well the boys' matched, even though I didn't plan it that way:
Christmas jammies
Christmas morning we had church at 9 a.m. We decided that rather than rush the present-opening experience that we'd just make the kids wait until after church to open presents. They were cool with that, although I'm sure it was hard. We went to church, came home and got back in our jammies, and got to opening presents.

Tyler has really gotten into chess this year, so he was thrilled to get his own glass set from Zachary:

The boys got a dream gift -- Nintendo DSs. We have never gotten them because they are still expensive, so they didn't even think to ask for them. So boy were they surprised and thrilled (and then goofy) upon opening them:
Yes! We each got a Nintendo DS!
Goofy boys!
Austin was adorable to watch. He'd rip off one one piece of wrapping paper and then had to throw it away before he'd rip off the next piece. If only all the kids were that clean every day! :)

Then, after opening his two gifts, he got plenty of entertainment trying to feed Pooh Bear crackers. It was so cute:

Becca enjoyed opening her gifts and was a little spoiled this year. She got the entire Harry Potter series on DVD and a new camera. That's some good stuff:
Becca opening a camera
 She also got a new blanket I made for her on a whim. She always says it's cold, so I made it with half denim so it's nice and heavy. It also has cute patterned material so it's not TOO heavy and has a bit more color:

Shayla was adorable to watch opening presents. I mean, the girl has personality. She opened her Easy Bake oven (first picture) and then had the cutest reaction when she realized what it was (2nd picture):

She also got another pair of jammies, even though she didn't need them. However, they had Pinkalicioius on them, and for a couple of years she believed she WAS Pinkalicious:

The afternoon was very enjoyable. We were lazy. We had good food. We visited Grandma and Grandpa. Becca and Shayla had sister time and cooked in her oven:
Shayla's first cake: Yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum!
There was also a lot of quiet time and kids looking like this:
DSs, Leap Frog and new games -- oh, my!
Ahhhhhh ... that is peace to my ears. :)

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Carol said...

Santa was so good to you guys! and what precious memories you made! We were watching memories in the making with Rob and Jennifer this year.