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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Santa pictures

So my kiddos got lucky and got to see Santa twice this year -- once at our ward party and once at my parents' ward party. Normally we do the Santa thing only once, but this year we had to do it twice since the second Santa was someone my kids know and love (their uncle Gus).

I was glad we had a second chance, because the Santa at our ward party told Tyler he didn't have to sit on his lap if he didn't want to. What? Tyler had never considered otherwise, and I didn't like putting any ideas into his head. Well, if Tyler wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap then Zachary wasn't going to, either. Sigh. But they had to sit on Santa's lap at my parents' party or they weren't given the treat bag each child received. :)

I love the picture of Tyler as he recognizes the voice behind the beard:

Zachary also knew who it was:

Shayla didn't figure it out, at least I don't think she did since she was still nervous:

And Austin? Well, everyone in my family claims (probably truthfully) that they've NEVER heard him scream as loud as he did this night:

Here's the cutest picture of the evening -- Santa stealing a little smooch while his son screams about Santa "attacking" his mom:

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the Rowleys said...

Love the pics. I remember not knowing Santa was my dad at a ward party until I asked him for a bag, and he looked at me, I knew it was him and was so shocked!