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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little project ... and 600 posts!

I just noticed that this is my 600th post. Cool. That's amazing, especially considering I have been posting only a few times a month these days.

Anyway, when Paul and I got married, the only piece of furniture he had to contribute was this ugly dresser:

It's a short dresser, so you'd think it would be perfect in a kid's room ... but since it was originally on a boat, the drawers are too hard for kids to open.

Oh, and I need to back up. I guess Paul did come into the marriage with this hum-dinger of a chair:
Reminds me of elementary school, but it doesn't bother him. When we can stomach dishing out money, we'll both get new office chairs. (He uses that and I use an exercise ball.) And when I mentioned to him about his lack of furniture, he reminded me that he did bring that nice desk behind him, too. (Which is a whole other source of "contention" -- if it's even strong enough to be called contention -- since the keyboard tray falls off if you touch it wrong -- aka it falls 3x per day -- which drives me NUTS, but is apparently my fault since I've made him move the furniture a few times and relocate the keyboard to the opposite side of the desk. But I digress ...)

Anyway, Becca has been using this little dresser, and I saw at a boutique that they had put fabric on the front of a dresser to make it look nicer. So we decided to try it. Turns out Becca and I have VERY different taste. I wanted something colorful with blue in it. We found the perfect fabric, but since it was from a "Young Women's" line, she wouldn't touch it, because she is no longer a Young Woman. Sigh. Fabric store worker, you didn't help by telling us that tidbit ...

So we FINALLY found something we agreed on (at the third fabric store!) and got to work. I still would like more color, but I think this is a huge improvement from where we were:

Now Becca is making matching pillows and will take them all off to college next month so I don't have to look at the poor dresser anymore. :)


Jess@Coxs Corner said...

This turned out awesome! I really like it!!!

Rebecca said...

Love it!! It turned out really great!

Jana Nielsen said...

That was a treasured chest of drawers from our days in Long Beach, California, taken from a huge ship docked there (I think the Queen Elizabeth), so they could make a museum out of the ship. If you think it was ugly when Paul got it you should have seen it when we first got it. It had a rim on the front and sides, so things put on top wouldn't fall off and some kind of lineolim (sp?) also on the top. It was an ugly yellowish brown stain everywhere except for the lineolim (sp?) that was a beige pattern.
You guys have done a wonderful job "spiffing it up!"

Jana Nielsen said...

That was not really Jana, but Carol.

Carol said...


Jessica Brown said...

Just checking in on you! You've disappeared!