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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Camp JJ

My boys got to go to Cub Scout day camp recently (Camp Jeremiah Johnson), and they had a blast! Tyler lucked out beyond belief. Most boys go when they're Wolves and Bears, and that's it. (They go to Webelos Woods when they're in Webelos.) Well, our ward invites the boys who are about to turn 8 to go with them ... so Tyler got to go the first time when he was 7. Then he went again at 8 and 9. That was lucky. But throw in this year and he's just extremely lucky! We had a boy (who we had already paid for) not show up for scout camp, so I went home and got Tyler to come with us. I figured if we had already paid then someone should have some fun! He was thrilled and it was fun to be up there with both of our boys again. Paul took the day off of work and we headed out for some cub scouting adventures:
Zach making Native American game
Tyler making Native American game

Tyler and Zachary doing archery -- always a favorite!

Mini trek in the heat -- at least the boys thought it was a blast!

Tyler throwing a ball -- the rafts are another favorite

Next year neither of my boys will go, so I think Paul and I will skip a year as well. (I've now been four or five years in a row ... or maybe more since I've lost track. I guess that happens when you're going on seven years in cub scouts. :)

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