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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MCSE, baby!!!

Just an update about Paul's boot camp: It's over, and Paul has earned his MCSE!! (That stands for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.) In the process he also became an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator).

To do this, Paul had to take seven tests and get at least 700 out of 1000. Let's just say that his average score was probably something like 930 (I don't have his exact scores to let you know for sure), so he passed with flying colors. The others in the class (only two others in this particular class) both had to do make-up tests for ones they had failed on the first attempt.

In addition to him passing all his tests, we got to visit with his brother's family, which was great. I'll post all 800 pictures later -- NOT!!! :) But I will post some of them ...

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Melissa said...

Congratulations! What a tough test and process to complete. I am so glad it is over and he aced the test, too - that is great.