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Saturday, March 8, 2008


Okay, so ever since we moved to Utah I've been having problems cooking roast. They've been SO dry! The first time I tried it was dry, so I thought maybe I shouldn't cook it quite so long. I pulled out a recipe for a slow cooker and found how long it said to cook the roast. So, I tried it and it was still too dry. So, I figured maybe I still was over cooking it?

I tried again with a shorter time, and it was still dry. It was cooked, but very dry. What was happening here? It is very discouraging to smell a yummy roast all day and then have it not taste so good ...

Paul and I even got online to find a solution, and we couldn't find any. However, there was this one thing that said that some type of other meat had to "break through" before becoming moist. So, I started thinking about it and realized that in Seattle I would put it in before work and cook it all day on low.

Okay, I decided to try it one more time, but this time cooking it longer. SUCCESS!!! It was delicious. I can cook roast again and we can enjoy it instead of it gagging us with its dryness. :)

That was enough to put me in a great mood all night. I love when dinner tastes good. I also this week made some Asian lettuce wraps that I LOVED!!! (Paul wanted them spicier, but I'll just buy him his own special "spicy" sauce for the next time. :)

Send any good recipes my way, especially if they're easy. :) I once did a recipe "chain letter" but I never got any recipes back ... Oh well ... if I get no new recipes at least I now know how to cook roast in the slow cooker once again!!!


Family of 7 said...

I will email you some reciepes that I put together over Christmas. In return you will have to forward me some recipes. I've been loving Dream Dinners as it the only way my family has been getting home cooked meals :)

Dashley said...

send me recipes too! :)