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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


We've had a lot of firsts this week, and we have pictures of them all! :)

The first thing we had was Tyler losing his first tooth. He was VERY excited about this. Because he didn't get his first tooth as a baby until 17 months, I told him he wouldn't lose one until second grade. So, when he lost it a month before second grade, he felt like he was ahead of schedule.

On Sunday he told me his tooth hurt. I asked him if it was loose. Once he realized it was, he was excited and no longer cared that it hurt. Then on Monday he remembered that a kid in first grade lost a tooth when he ate an apple. So Tyler ate an apple and out came his tooth. He told Paul, "It just came out ... on like my 11th try or something." He was very cute asking all about the tooth fairy and even taped his door open so she could find his room okay. Here he is proudly displaying his tooth and where it used to be:

Turns out the tooth fairy leaves two quarters. He was very excited about that. I guess the masking tape holding the door open worked!

Our next first was Shayla's -- she got her first haircut. I debated back and forth about whether or not to do it, because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her hair. The bottom of it grew in like it's in layers, and it naturally has a little curl that flips up at the bottom. However, I finally decided to do it since it's getting food in it and in her face too often. So, when we took Becca in for a cut yesterday I had my niece do it quickly before I lost my nerve. This picture is right before she started screaming:

She only screamed because Alyssa was trying to comb out tangles. After that she was fine, especially since I held her. She wouldn't look at Alyssa and refused to smile since Alyssa was looking at her. Anyway, Alyssa also did a great job in Becca's hair, which you'll see in a little bit. Here's Shayla's new do:

Becca's first is that she has straight teeth for the first time without braces. Hooray! She can eat chewy, gooey candy all she wants now ... or at least sometimes. :) Anyway, we decided to get her a new cut to go with the new teeth, and she looks really cute:

She's also got new glasses on the way, but one of the lenses was backordered. Do they not realize we wanted the full makeover in one day? :) Anyway, that'll give her something to look forward to for another week before we have to start hearing all about the exciting things that will happen at school.

Zachary's first was during swimming lessons. He FINALLY realized that he can do something other than hang onto the wall. His teacher helped him get started floating, and he didn't freak out when she let go:

My boys still do everything they can to keep their faces out of the water, and I don't know how we'll ever get over that fear. In the meantime, they swim with their faces up so that not a drop gets on their faces. Sigh ... no champion swimmers going to happen here!

I didn't mention my $1,000 purchase that I got the same day as all of these pictures -- two new crowns right inside my mouth. Not nearly as exciting, and I'm not about to post a picture ... but if I'm going to spend that much money in one day, I might as well "brag" about it, right? :)

So, I guess our summer hasn't really been as boring and lazy as I mentioned. We have only one more month of summer fun before school begins, so we'll be sure to cram in as much as we can!


David and Heidi said...

WOW that is a lot of firsts. Congrats to all. We are excited for Tyler to loose his first tooth. that is awesome. Way to go Zachary on floating by yourself. That takes a lot of courage. Becca, you look great without the braces. I bet it feels a little weird. Shayla's haircut is fun. Hopefully it will make things a little easier. thanks for sharing all of the fun.

Dashley said...

Love Tyler's eyes, Shayla's hair, Becca's teeth and hair, love the post. But HOLY COW! 17 months before the first tooth! Was he teething forever or just right before? We feel like Marshall has been teething for months now and still no teeth! CRAZY!

Alyson said...

Hey I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing! Thanks also for helping to make Hilary's birthday more tolerable!