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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My husband, the man!

I love not having to do "man" things around the house. I always make Paul take out the garbage, but that's not what I'm talking about ...

Yesterday we bought a new ceiling fan for our bedroom. It is a very nice one and he wired in a remote for us. Now this is not any ordinary remote! The remote actually has a thermostat in it. That means we set the temperature we want, and the fan works accordingly. For example, he has it set to 77 degrees. When we went to bed it was on medium to get to that temperature. During the night and early morning when it got cooler it kicked down to low. Then later in the morning when it got warmer it kicked itself back up to medium. Awesome! The remote also has light dimmers, a timer for the light and fan, and an option to have the lights turn on in a delayed period of time (if you want the lights to wake you up in the morning).

Back to my man! Paul came right home and installed it -- wiring and all. I went in at one point during the installation and looked at what he was doing. I said, "It looks broken." He asked what part looked broken, and I said all of it. I have no idea about wiring, lighting or really screws, for that matter. And I'm so grateful that I can be the dumb blonde (in house-repair items, anyway) and let Paul use his manliness to get things done. :) Way to go, Paul!

Interestingly enough, a woman at church today talked about man power. Good timing! Anyway, she was talking about doing yard work and how she couldn't dig any longer. She said her husband said he'd dig if she would plant. She was very relieved and grateful that she could hand it to him and let him use his "man power" and ease her burden. She related it to the Lord and how we need to put our burdens on Him a lot more often, thus relieving our burdens and using his perfect and all-encompassing power. Good analogy and reminder, especially because of the great timing with my own "man power" situation. :)

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Josh G said...

Hurray for man power! and women are nice to have around too.