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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lucky, unlucky kids!

My kids must be the unluckiest lucky kids alive. Is that possible? You see, my brothers are the coolest uncles ever! (Lucky part.)

Uncle Gus has played with them tons since we moved here, and this was one of their favorite games before he and my parents moved -- he would hang over the stairs, and the kids would remove his hands one at a time to watch him fall. That one NEVER got boring:

Well, none of these uncles now live nearby (unlucky part). Dustin moved to Salt Lake City, so we'll see him much less. Mind you, he has been pretty busy with wedding plans for the past few months anyway -- you know how engaged people are. :) Ryan is in St. George, and Brandon is in South Carolina.

So my kids go crazy any time they get to play with one of these fun uncles. And since all of my siblings attended Dustin's wedding, my kids got some fun uncle time.

Here Tyler, Zachary and cousin Nicholas hang onto Ryan as he tries to jump into the air:

(By the way, he got off the ground, but his pants didn't. Good thing he didn't get very far off the ground. :)

Here they are having Uncle Brandon swing them all around in a blanket:


(Shayla waiting for her turn)

(Shayla and Zachary)

Since Brandon came over on Sunday for his last day in town, they got lots of Brandon time. Needless to say, I don't think they could get enough of Uncle Bup. They said, "Can you teach Daddy how to play with us like this?" I got tired just watching them ... but as you can see, they LOVED it:

And when Uncle Brandon left, somehow it just wasn't nearly as fun:

Lucky, unlucky kids!

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

Denise-you have to quit making me cry with your blogs. I need some pictures of Bup with your kids. I have some of Ryan. Thanks