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Monday, December 21, 2009

Palmer Pinata Party

Every year my family has a traditional pinata party. This began when we as kids were growing up and my parents did a pinata every Christmas Eve. My parents carried on the tradition with grandkids, and with the growth of grandkids (more than 20 now), they have gone to getting a pinata per family. For a couple of years they did them individually with families, but recently we have gotten together at my sister's church to do them all on the same night. The kids LOVE pinata night! We generally do it right after Christmas now so everyone is a bit more relaxed, but with my parents in town only two nights -- and one of them being my brother's reception -- we just HAD to do it Friday night. We each got our own pinatas this year, and it was so much fun!

Grandpa pulled out his big remote-controlled truck to chase the boys around with again -- and they love it:

Kylen (my niece's baby -- and the only baby there since 1-week-old Aspen couldn't make it) got lots of attention from Great-Grandma Palmer -- she even let him chew on her nametag. I forgot when I was on my mission how much kids go for those:

I loved this picture of Kylen next to his pinata. Yes, they're both standing up:

My kids loved that we got a Christmas one this year. (Handy that they were 25 percent off at Partyland :). Shayla had fun hitting it, but sometimes tried with her eyes closed:

Zachary got in a few good hits and even more smiles:

Tyler got in the killer hit -- what a swing:

I figured since Tyler had broken the pinata and Becca just got to finish it off we wouldn't get any of the good "concentrating with my tongue out" poses, but I was wrong:

Anyway, the kids had way too little sleep this weekend and tons of fun! I didn't hear, "How many more days until Christmas" all weekend. :)


Three Little Brown Kids said...

great tradition!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

It was great fun. We were so happy to be able to be there. We have the best family ever.

Melissa Basua said...

What a fun fun fun tradition. So glad your two days with your parents went well and was full of fun!

Rebecca said...

Looks fun, as always. Hopefully we won't be picking someone up from the airport next year so we can make it! :)