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Monday, December 21, 2009

The Wedding

This weekend was my baby bro's wedding, and it was awesome! The weather cooperated (other than being cold), and everyone made it here safely. The sealing ceremony at the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple was awesome, and we feel very blessed that Heidi will be joining our family.

This was the first time in 3 years that all of my siblings have been together. It was a fun time that flew by all too quickly ...

Anyway, here are some pics of the happy day:

And now for the reception. Something happened with their original backdrop, so they asked me to be in charge of decorating the one they got from a friend. I stressed about it, because decorating is NOT my thing. But I think it ended up looking nice in its simplicity. Phew!

Here is the Palmer family together for the first time in years:

My 3 brothers. The oldest (left) lives in South Carolina and the middle (right) lives in St. George. They both left a wife and two daughters at home. Anyway, we get those two to move back and we'd all live within about an hour of each other:

The cake. We gave my sis-in-law a hard time for not making the cake since she had a baby a week ago ... but I guess this one was pretty anyway. :)

Dustin's best friend Charlie is a caterer, so he took care of the catering and everything. It was delicious and totally not on my diabetic diet. :) I enjoyed it all. :)

Charlie is on the right (his bro on the left):

And yes, the car did get decorated. I think Charlie is to thank for the raw meat thrown on the windshield:

And the leftover pinatas from the family party the night before definitely came in handy:

It was awesome to see all of my siblings and my parents! The weekend flew by, so we'll have to plan another get-together soon -- but next time with all the missing girls, too!


Melissa Basua said...

What a beautiful day! How wonderful to have everyone there!! You did another great job of the pictures!!!

Rebecca said...

I think the backdrop turned out great!--just like everything else that night. Heidi and Dustin seemed like they had a great day and that's what matters the most.