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Friday, March 19, 2010

New Palmer Grandsons

Mom, I figured you'd like an update on how your two newest grandsons are growing. So here goes:

Not good enough for you? How about this:

In other news, Shayla quickly lost the glasses she had and was very upset. She did this before the other kids even got home from school. When I asked the boys to help her find them, Tyler asked if they were real glasses. I said no. So, then he holds out his empty hands and says, "Shayla! Look! I found your glasses!!!" It was so cute. I had to be a little more specific that they aren't real glasses, but they are real frames.

In any case, the next day we headed to the dollar store and got some more glasses. Here she is showing them off, as well as how she says "I love you" with her hands:

And then -- as I expected -- we found the other glasses. I knew we would, but now we have two pairs. You'd think this means we can have one be a back-up pair, but why not just wear them both at once? This totally eliminates the need for any barrettes or bows:

I am truly surprised at how much she wears glasses -- I expected it to last only a day or two. We get some funny looks in public, and one little girl asked why they didn't have glass in them, but as long as Shayla is happy with them then so am I. :)


Bruce & Sylvia said...

How fun that the 2 of you can share this experience. You both definataly look pregnant. I can't believe how long Rebeccas hair is.
Shayla is looking so old. She has lost that baby look. Thanks for the pictures.

My life with TMD said...

How cool is that! I would love to be pregnant alongside one of my sisters. Just got to find a husband first!!! :-)

I really look forward to seeing pictures of Austin and Rebecca's little one. I know I don't post often, but I do come on here and read just about everyday. Thank you for being so faithful in your commenting Denise. It means alot.