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Monday, March 1, 2010

New looks and fun fieldtrip

Well, I promised a few pics of some new looks around here. First of all is Becca, who got her hair chopped a bit about two weeks ago. (Normally she's not wearing this big red flower, but we were taking pics for her flags ...) Anyway, I convinced Alyssa (my niece) to chop off more than she was going to, which made Becca nervous. However, now that she's gone to school and gotten lots of compliments, she loves it:

The other new look is Tyler in his new glasses:

When I first told him I thought he needed glasses he was very unexcited. However, after the exam when we started trying them on, he got excited that they had Avatar brand glasses. I have no idea how he knew that cartoon, but he LOVED what he found. So he was excited to start wearing them. He came home the first day and I asked how it went. He said a girl in his class (who also wears glasses) said he looked like a geek in his new glasses. Sigh. I told him she was probably just jealous that his glasses are so cool. Then the next day he came home and said the same girl had said (when they were supposed to make nerdy faces for a pic) that he already looks like a nerd in his glasses. REALLY?!? When do you keep letting it slide and when do you intervene?

I decided to not let it pass anymore, because he had been excited about his glasses until this point. I sent an e-mail to the teacher (since I don't have contact info for the parents) and gave her a heads up about what had happened. I figured she could handle it from there, and there haven't been any incidents since. Let's hope it stays that way!

Anyway, Tyler's Wednesday was very exciting. In addition to his new glasses, he got to go on a field trip -- ice-skating for the first time! They let parents come, too, so that was fun. A couple of women were dying that I was hopping onto the ice 8 months pregnant. Seriously, does anyone really fall forward if they fall? I was doing well until I had to keep helping Tyler and he got REALLY heavy ...

I had to leave the ice pretty quickly since he was hanging on me and making my stomach hurt, but fortunately when I left the ice right when they were pulling out these nifty things to help the kids:

I grabbed one and took it to Tyler, who had a lot more fun with it. He still is no ice-skater by any means, but at least he could get away from the wall without falling. (Not that this prevented him from falling altogether, but it was a lot less ...)

Tyler also had pack night (blue and gold banquet) that night, but I didn't get a picture of him with his decorated cake. (I was busy with Shayla at the doctor -- she had two ear infections and pneumonia only three days after finishing an anti-biotic for one ear infection the week before.)

In any case, we had a fun and then lazy week (since I couldn't go anywhere with a child with pneumonia). Perfect!


Bruce & Sylvia said...

Tyler looks handsome in his glasses. That girl probably has a crush on him.

Jen said...

I managed to fall forward down into my garage whilst several months pregnant--and no ice was involved. I'm just talented like that.

So, let me know if/how you get rid of the pneumonia. Matt went from a sinus infection and an ear infection to a double ear infection and bronchitis. Which, after his second round of antibiotics, is still raging and is now beginning his third. Fun! Maybe we'll end up with pneumonia too!

Melissa said...

Gracie had a double ear infection just a few days after finishing her antibiotic for a single ear infection, last spring. It was probably the same antibiotic!

You look fabulous! I love the glasses and hair and you are totally glowing. Good luck with the last few weeks. Love you!

Melissa Basua said...

I LOVE Tyler's glasses! I think he looks so handsome in them! He showed them off to me at the B&G banquet! I love how proud he is of them! What a fun field trip! Hope Shayla is feeling better!!!

Carol said...

Wow! Tyler looks more like Paul in glasses! And that girl doesn't know what she is talking about--he looks really great!
Sorry about your illness with Shayla :( Hope she is feeling better now.