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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday a day late (and probably a dollar short)

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K." If you know that quote, then maybe you loved that movie as much as I did (can you name it?) ... although nothing strange is happening here and we don't have a Circle K anywhere nearby. But for some reason that popped into my head ...

Well I started out the week feeling adventurous. Yes, that means doing my daughter's hair. :) Her hair is so easy and cute to just put a bow barrette into it that it's generally what I end up doing. But I realized recently that if she's going to be my only little girl (you never know) that I should curl her hair and make it really girly and cute sometimes. (Melissa, this is all your fault for having Zoe's hair so cute that Sunday ...) So I cut up a T-shirt and rolled up her hair. We did this to my sister Rebecca when she was a teen (only with socks -- why didn't we think of a T-shirt that would have been more comfortable to sleep in?), and it always looked cute. So I decided to try it with Shayla. Here's what we got:

Yes, Melissa, this was your fault! ;) Shayla was just happy that her hair was curly. When I laughed she got mad, so I had to tread lightly. No way I was letting her go to church like that! So, we used Becca's crimping iron to save the day:

Shayla didn't like it and wanted me to use the straightener to make it straight again (thus the tongue being stuck out), but I convinced her to just go to church with it curly. I think she got a few compliments (her hair is normally stick straight like mine), so that probably helped. Disaster avoided.

Last night Tyler was in charge of our family home evening lesson. I love when he is convinced he has to do an object lesson. I think they did this in his class recently. He took a jar of water and put it in a larger container of dirty water. His point was that we can stay clean even if the world around us is dirty. Love it when they start getting these kinds of concepts and analogies:

And my kids were thrilled (and a little scared) to hold the new puppies in the family. My sister's chiweenie gave birth to five puppies (!!!!) just over a week ago. They still haven't opened their eyes yet, but the kids love to see 'em:

(Should I mention that Shayla dropped this one? She dropped it into Nick's hands before he was ready to take it. Oops!)

Later this week I'll post pics of the new looks around here. (I'm sure the suspense is killing you ... ;)


Leslie said...

I thought Shaylas hair was SOOOOO cute on Sunday!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

Chicken-not letting Shayla go with her hair in picture 1.I love the pictures of your boys holding a puppy.

Jennifer said...

How cute was Shaylas hair and the puppies. It makes me want a puppy

Dashley said...

BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE!! I know because I use that very same quote often! Such a good movie- reminds me of my brother Brandon as he is the one that got us into it. Do I win something for knowing your quote? Shayla is cute no matter what- a natural beauty!