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Friday, February 19, 2010

Keeping busy

In case you were afraid I was getting bored these days, guess what I'm TRYING to do? Here's a hint ...

I'm teaching myself to knit! It's not an easy thing to teach yourself, but I am doing it. Paul's sister recommended a book, which I grabbed, and I'm trying to learn quickly so I can knit cute hats for Austin and his yet-to-be-named cousin due six weeks later. (Thanks to Christina for all of your answers via e-mail with my probably dumb knitting questions. Seems easier to ask someone who knows than to google it!)

I've crocheted in the past, but not for years. My mom's a pro at it -- I have several doilies to prove it. My friend Heidi is a pro at it -- and she already crocheted Austin one hat. But for whatever reason I'm determined to learn how to knit to make him a bunch of hats. It's probably about time I learned to do something new!

1 comment:

Bruce & Sylvia said...

good luck. I never got the knack of
it. Austin and fat max will love the hats (we call baby Youngberg Max.