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Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Fever

What is it that makes the Olympics so incredibly awesome? I love watching -- even sports I would normally never watch! We are so excited they have started and will probably watch some every night ...

We're also very excited they're in Vancouver. Seems I keep just missing the Olympics -- when we lived in Seattle they were in SLC, and now that we're down here they're up by Seattle. We've been fans of Apolo Ohno for years since he is Seattle born and raised. We are excited to watch other athletes who are members of our faith (Church News listed those competing from around the world who are LDS). And the networks always show inspiring stories of athletes we aren't familiar with who have shown integrity and beating the odds so we are excited to cheer on even more competitors.

During the opening ceremonies they interviewed VP Joe Biden about the Olympics. He said he had told the athletes they were very courageous because they risked failure on a worldwide stage. I couldn't disagree more! I guess I've never thought of competing on a worldwide stage as risking failure -- even those who "fail" are cheered on and celebrated for even making it this far. Look at the Jamaican bobsled team who may have been "failures" to some, but became the subject of a popular movie because of their hard work and determination. I've already seen many athletes in these Olympic games fall and take themselves out of competition, but they are always cheered on when they get up and try to finish. If that's failure, then nobody would mind failing! Yes, I'm sure there are heartaches, but how many people can say they were Olympians? Even without winning a medal, being an Olympic athlete is an accomplishment few ever achieve, and an experience they will never forget.

As a little side note, I bet none of you know that I once held an Olympic silver medal. However, I bet all of you know it wasn't mine. :) It was swimmer Tara Kirk's. Anyway, I was surprised at how HEAVY it was! I look at people like Michael Phelps and think how much weight he has around his neck when he's wearing all of his medals. But to actually hold one myself? That was awesome. I think of that as I see Olympians awarded for the first time and wonder if any of them are surprised by its weight ...

Okay, let the excitement continue!

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

I agree that making it to the olympics is an incredible feat. They are all winners. Joe Biden is the one that is losing on a worldwide stage.