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Monday, February 8, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

So without refinances and insurance hassles what ever will I talk about on my blog? ;)

This weekend Becca had her second flags competition. Her team took first for the second week in a row, only this time with a larger margin than last time. So, they're looking good with all their hard work. They've spent hours and hours perfecting their routine, and I'm sure by the end they'll be pros. Here are some pics of her in action:

It is very hard to get a good action shot with horrible indoor lighting. But I did get one:

This is in the middle of a dance part. I don't think she was supposed to look at me, but I think she knew I would get a better pic that way:

Fortunately Becca doesn't have a competition this weekend, so we can relax a little bit more. Tonight there is a fund-raiser to help pay for flags, so hopefully there's a good turnout even though the kids had less than week to sell tickets ...

My boys were delighted to have "twin" shirts -- each in their favorite colors. They were goofy showing them off, but oh, so cute:

And we bought Austin's new car seat. We got the cheapest one we could find for only $50. I'm very curious to know how much of that cost goes to the actual materials and how much goes to pay for previous recalls. (Side note: Speaking of recalls, Paul got on to make sure our crib hadn't been recalled before he put it together. Good news is that it hasn't. Bad news is that our bassinet has. Wouldn't be too horrible except the company who made it got auctioned off to another company who is not taking any responsibility for previous products made by the company. Fortunately it is only for when it is used as a co-sleeper, which we never do, so we should be fine using it again.)

Anyway, Shayla loves sitting in Austin's car seat, because she thinks it's like the dentist chair. She keeps wanting to play dentist in it, and she can't wait for Austin to be born so she can play dentist with him. Lucky kid! :)

And since I have a picture of all the other kids I better include one of Austin. Here he is sucking his fist this morning:

I mentioned to the radiologist that I had been having heartburn, so I was expecting this little guy to have hair. Turns out she could see the hair on the ultrasound. I couldn't believe it! That means it's more than fuzz, and he's got another two months to grow more! I totally and completely expected all my kids to be born bald, so every time one has hair I'm amazed. But to see it this early in the ultrasound? Crazy. The perinatalogist also said he has chubby cheeks. Maybe he'll look like Shayla after all. :) As of now he's 4.5 pounds and has a foot of 2.5 inches. It was so great seeing him again. I get one more ultrasound next month to see him one last time before I get to see him "in color."

Other than that I'm getting back into indexing old census reports and enjoying the changes they have made to the indexing program. It is good to know that I'm helping someone's genealogy even though I'm not doing my own right now. When my mom comes home we'll go crazy and do our genealogy then. In the meantime I have set a goal to index about 9,000 names this year (which is one sheet per day). We'll see if it happens ... I'm trying to get a little ahead here and there knowing I'll have to take a break when Austin is born. But hey, the system should run its fastest at 2 a.m. when I'm up feeding him, right? :)


Lizzylou said...

Great picture of Becca, those are keepers! Your Ultra sound picture is adorable. It is amazing to see the technology that there is now. I found out my crib had a recall on it for the sliding front. I had to order a repair part, so hopefully that will come soon. I can't wait to see your handsome guy.

the Rowleys said...

love the updates and pictures of your cute kids. :)

Dashley said...

Thanks for including a picture of your sweet little guy! Can't believe they saw hair!! Are you the one that told me that heart burn isn't a myth but really means hair? I didn't believe it until Marshall came out with a full head of hair. Your kids are all stinkin cute and I love keeping up with your family activities via blogging! :)