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Monday, February 1, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday - stress relief!

I feel so light and free with several stresses relieved this week. Okay, not really light (considering this belly I'm getting), but at least free from worries. Our refi is FINALLY done!!! (At least we signed and fixed the post-signing glitches -- I think -- so it should fund today.) Also, our insurance has approved EVERY aspect of my prenatal care and delivery, so I'm free to go get ultrasounds, non-stress tests, diabetic management, etc. Phew!

I'm doing pretty well on my fitness challenge, generally getting 9 out of 10 points every day. I'm definitely not in the lead, but hopefully I'll feel better each week. The winner's pot (more than $100) would be great, but weight loss and a healthier lifestyle is its own reward. My goal is to end this pregnancy less than what I started it. (Yes, this is totally healthy when you have as much extra weight as I do.) In any case, I'm incorporating more veggies, which is always a struggle for me since I'd much rather eat fruit. I'll call that a success!

We brought in more of the baby stuff this weekend, which Shayla is loving. She thinks they're all for her dolls. This is exactly what I anticipated, so I had Paul bring them in early so the novelty will wear off before Austin is here. Hopefully this planning will save him at least one doll thrown on top of him and/or one extra hard push in the swing ... but that remains to be seen. :)

This weekend we also went shopping for new car seats. EXPENSIVE!!! We're going to have to spend $100 to get a new one for Shayla (hers expired Dec. 31, 2009), and a carrier for Austin. Crazy how expensive they are, but what do you do? It's not like you can go get a used one anywhere and feel safe about it. But while we were out we also got two outfits to bring Austin home from the hospital. No, he won't wear two outfits, but we liked them both and figured we'd decide later. Baby clothes are adorable!!! Good news is that's all we have to buy. Oh, except diapers, which I realized we should get some of, too. :)

We have a special plate that we sometimes pull out and put at someone's spot. When this happens everyone else gives them a compliment or says something they love about them. One of the boys surprised me when setting the table and putting it at my spot this weekend. I love that even Shayla has learned to give compliments -- and her compliment to me was classic: "Mommy, you're good at sleeping." Amen to that! I love my sleep and am grateful I am good at sleeping. :) It was hilarious.

We went to Becca's first tall flags competition this weekend and she did pretty well. They are put into categories based on their ability, and there are only two teams in her division. That means she'll get first or second every time. We left before results (her team was first and awards were after the entire competition), so I'll hear when she gets home today if they got first or second. Keep your fingers crossed for first. :) I'll post pics once I get them uploaded.

Hope you all have a great week and that my randomness isn't getting too boring these days. I'm loving having less to do, but that also means less to say ... :)

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Bruce & Sylvia said...

congrats on a long over due refinance. Also, they use to try to get you to not gain more than 10-20 pounds on a pregnancy.