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Monday, July 26, 2010

Canoeing once again

We got to go canoeing again this past weekend -- this time with my family. It's so nice and relaxing to be with family and to watch the kiddos have a blast. The pond is actually kind of gross, but it's so peaceful there -- and it's always great to see how much fun the kids have. :)

This is how you know my dad is a real man:

Yes, he went out with five grandkids in the canoe, none of which were probably any help paddling. In fact, I'd guess most of them made it harder for him to steer! But he brought enough paddles anyway so everyone who wanted to could help. We're so glad he's back!

This one looks like a race with my family winning. It wasn't, but it's still a fun pic:

My dad also brought his remote-control speed boats. (It looks like you can't see them well in this pic.) It was fun for them to race the canoes and just try to topple each other (since the canoes were out in the water and able to turn them back over if necessary).

And of course you have to feed the ducks when you go! Princess Shayla really got some umph in her throws:

Much to the delight of the ducks:

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Rebecca said...

Hey, I didn't know there were remote-control speed boats! I guess that's what we get for showing up late.