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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some things I forgot ...

I forgot to post a few fun pics and things from our last week. How could I forget to post about Zachary losing his first tooth?!? That is always VERY exciting in our home, especially since my kids are late teethers and therefore lose their teeth late. I tell them they'll probably lose their first tooth in second grade just to prepare them. Both Tyler and Zachary have lost their first tooth in the month BEFORE starting second grade, so they've both felt "ahead" of where they should be:

Zachary was also thrilled to get a dollar for his first lost tooth (from the tooth fairy) and another dollar from grandma for his first lost tooth. Good thing he didn't lose it before she came home! He was so thrilled it was adorable.

I've said before what good boys I have, but once again I realize how great they are. Tyler also had a loose tooth (looser than Zachary's was), so as soon as I made Zachary's fall out he was sure he could get his out as well. I asked him to wait so Zachary could have the limelight for a bit himself since it was his first tooth, and Tyler obliged. The next morning when they woke up Zachary discovered his money and Tyler lost his tooth. And we had cousins staying with us so they could share the joy. (We'll pretend to forget that the cousin, who is more than a year younger than Zachary, has already lost several teeth ... :)

The other thing is that Shayla got an adorable haircut. It's not combed here, but it's cute nonetheless:

(Thanks Liz for the skirt -- it's the one I got at the RS auction. :)

And here's my boy sleeping with his eyes open:

The other kids wake him up all the time because they insist he was already awake since his eyes were open. Sigh ...

And when you mess around w/the little squirt you can get some cute, random pics:

I forgot to post this one w/the canoeing post. Gavin lent Austin his sun hat for a little bit, so I snapped some cute pics:

I've been meaning to get Shayla and Austin both sun hats all summer and haven't gotten to it yet. However, next month at our RS Super Saturday we're going to sew reversible sun hats. Huzzah! :)


Rebecca said...

I love the picture of Austin sleeping with his eyes open--hilarious!!

How do you help your kids get their loose teeth out? Hopefully not the same way dad always wanted to help us. :)

Brown Family said...

This time I acted like I was just feeling how loose it was and my finger "slipped" to give it a little extra umph. He wasn't happy until he realized it was out. I was afraid that it wasn't going to ever fall out since the new tooth was already in behind it (and therefore he couldn't wiggle it backwards at all). The dentist informed me yesterday that a good twist is the best way to get 'em out. :)

Carol said...

Sounds like loose teeth aplenty at your household! Austin has such adorable eyes and he is always so expressive! What fun!