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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ty Guy got his Wolf

Tonight is pack night, which reminds me that last month at pack night Tyler earned his Wolf Badge. Hooray! He had actually earned it the month before but for some reason didn't receive it, so he got to receive it when we had lots of family in town. (Mind you, pack night was too late for all the little ones to attend, but he got to show aunts and uncle when we got home.) He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES scouts and has awesome leaders. He earned a bunch of arrow points in addition to his badge, as you can see below:

Way to go, Tyler!

And having pack night tonight just reminds me that a month has gone by without me sewing on his new patch and/or arrow points, and nearly four months have passed without me sewing on his religious knot. Sigh. But he loves to earn them. When he has his birthday in about six weeks Paul and I get him in our den -- it will be a blast! :)

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Carol said...

Congratulations Ty Guy--We are so proud of you!