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Friday, September 24, 2010

Nothing quite so cute

I bit the bullet and signed up Shayla for dance. I knew it would be adorable, and I knew we'd both love every minute. However, I was trying to be frugal. I should have signed her up last year, but I'm soooo happy that I did this year. There is really nothing quite as cute as a little girl in dance. :)

Here are pics from her first full class:

I still remember my dance lessons growing up and how much I loved it (other than having to lock arms with a girl whose arms I thought were too hairy -- I guess that happens when you're the youngest one in the class :). I look forward to taking many more cute dance pics. :)


Bruce & Sylvia said...

She is a star. Just wait until she teaches the teacher, and sings for her.She is multi-talented.

Rebecca said...

I agree with mom--she's a star! Now her shows will include even more dancing. :)