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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Random Thought ...

So this morning I mowed our back lawn, which was much needed after two weeks of not being mowed. I decided I'd go ahead and go mow some of the weeds that are growing up around our box garden. They are some big weeds, so it took a bit of mowing back and forth. I turned around and started mowing the lawn again, and when I looked back over toward the garden I saw one lone tall weed still standing ... maybe even taller than it had stood before ... probably mocking me.

I went back over and mowed over it again, only to have it still there. I mowed over it backwards, and it still stood. Seriously, this was one stubborn weed. Finally I put the mower on top of it and wiggled it around and just left it there until I heard the weed go down. (I know, sounds vicious ... but it was just a weed. :)

Anyway, that got me thinking. (What else are you going to do while you're mowing the lawn?) I once heard someone say a weed is something that grows where it's not supposed to. So, if a flower is growing in the middle of your lawn, it may be considered a weed. I then started thinking that to the world we (religious people) are weeds. They'll do anything to mow us over and cut our feet out from under us. And for those of us moms who stay home to raise strong, faithful children, I feel like maybe the world sees us as even bigger weeds. We are of no value to them. We are just nuisances.

However we, like that stubborn weed, can stay strong. We can stand tall and confident as we live the gospel and teach it to our children. We can be beautiful in our own way (the Lord's way) no matter how much it repulses the world. We can stay faithful even as evil surrounds us. And we can be even stronger and grow taller as we tap into the Living Water -- no matter how the world treats us or disregards our value.

Who knew I'd learn this just from mowing the lawn?


Leslie said...

So now do you feel bad for mowing it down? YOU SHOULD! ;-)

Kidding. Isnt it amazing what you can think about doing something like that. I always have my greatest thoughts when Im four wheeling. Weird.

Rebecca said...

Are you trying to get volunteers to mow your lawn or something? hehe

That's a great analogy. Maybe I'll have to steal it some time to share during Relief Society or something!

Bruce & Sylvia said...

that is a great thought. I'm glad it didn't hit you when you knocked it down.

Lizzylou said...

Love that thought, I may have to use that in primary or something.